Mineral fiber ceiling tiles... will never look this good.
Mineral fiber ceiling tiles... will never last this long.
You don't belong... under mineral fiber ceiling tiles.
You belong under Ceilume!

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles

Mineral fiber ceiling tiles (most folks call them "acoustic ceiling tiles", or by brand names like Armstrong or USG) aren't much to look at on their best day, and on their worst? There's a good chance you're sitting under some cracks or stains right now.

Ceilume is more beautiful, easier to maintain, and a much better value than mineral fiber. Why? Free samples (three full-sized tiles), free shipping (to the lower 48), and our legendary customer service team (they're seriously awesome). Our vinyl ceiling tiles don't crack, absorb moisture, or create dust. With great fire ratings, superior indoor air quality, and fifteen amazing colors and finishes, we're sure you'll agree...

You don't belong under mineral fiber; you belong under Ceilume!

Guiding Principle #5: Be humorous. Even ceiling tiles can be entertaining.