Ceilume ceiling panels are available in white, four designer colors, six faux finishes, and three levels of light-transmitting materials that offer opportunities for innovative illumination schemes.

Molded Relief Casts Distinctive Shadows
Glancing Light across Ceiling Panels
Molded Relief Casts Distinctive Shadows
Glancing Light across Ceiling Panels

Opaque Ceilings

Recessed Lighting

Grid-mounted (can) lighting is a great illumination option. Choose a tile design that has sufficient flat area in the middle to accommodate the light opening and trim ring, and choose fixtures that come with grid-suspension brackets so that the weight of the light is supported by your T-bar and not by your tile. Coffered ceiling tiles may require some additional steps. Contact us for more information.

Transluminous™ Ceilings

Translucent Ceiling Panels


Create a fully-illuminated ceiling with uniform lighting distribution.

49.91% reflectance, 31.62% transmittance

Frosted Ceiling Panels


Offer more direct lighting and reveal a hint of what is above the ceiling.

8.99% reflectance, 76.81% transmittance

Clear Ceiling Panels


Maximize lighting and allow an unobstructed view of above-grid areas.

87.67% transmittance

Translucent Panels below Colored LEDs

Translucent Panels below Colored LEDs

Mix It Up

Peek-a-Boo Panels

Clear Panels with Direct Lighting

Technical Data

Please see individual product pages to learn which materials are standard for each panel style, or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Color Reflectance Transmittance
White 90.44% ---
Translucent 49.91% 31.62%
Frosted 8.99% 76.81%
Clear --- 87.67%

Reflectance and Transmittance Graph

Light Reflectance

Tested in accordance with ASTM E1477

Color/Finish Reflectance
White 90.44%
Sand 83.88%
Latte 33.50%
Merlot 6.97%
Black 5.22%
Translucent 49.91%
Frosted 8.99%
Clear ---
Bronze 11.43%
Copper 57.46%
Tin 36.09%
Sandal Wood 47.62%
Caramel Wood 18.93%
Cherry Wood 6.67%

Light Transmittance

Tested in accordance with ASTM E1348

Color/Finish Transmittance
Translucent 31.62%
Frosted 76.81%
Clear 87.67%
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