Free Samples

Pretty Samples We love our ceiling tiles, and we think you will too. That's why we offer free full-size samples. Simply call us at 1-800-557-0654 to try out some beautiful Ceilume ceiling tiles in your ceiling BEFORE you buy!

When you hear "free", what comes to mind?

If you're anything like us, whenever you see the word "free" you start looking around for the fine print, or hunting for the "but..." statement that likes to rain on your parade. BUT... (you see what we did there?) with our free ceiling tile samples there is no fine print. Free, quite literally (quite literally "literally" and not metaphorically "literally", we might add), means free.

You call us, we help you choose the samples (up to three of them) that will work best for your installation, and then we pay the U.S. ground shipping to the lower 48 (Sorry, Alaska and Hawaii, you guys get a bum deal... We do have a discounted flat rate on samples to get ceiling tiles to you, though, so be sure to call!). Just like our slogan says, we really do believe that "You Belong Under Ceilume", and the best way for you to experience that is to... well... put you under Ceilume (metaphorically?).

Full-Size Samples vs. Swatches

When you hear "samples", what comes to mind?

You're probably thinking of something that you can actually try out to see how it works (what a concept!). Maybe... just maybe... when you hear "ceiling tile sample" you think of a full-size ceiling tile. We're talking about a tile that you can actually install; one that you can feel the weight of in your hand, cut with a pair of scissors (we actually recommend aviation snips, but let's not get ahead of ourselves), and show off to your friends and family - much to their delight!

For most of our competitors, when they hear the word "sample" they're thinking "sample swatch" or "sample corner" or "sample kit" or "let's just fill a box with rocks" (that last part may be a slight exaggeration). That kind of sample may work for them, but it really doesn't feel right to us, and it sure doesn't work very well for you.

Full-Size Samples vs. Swatches

So... need some samples?

Sweet! Simply follow the steps below and we'll get them to you ASAP:

  1. Call us at 1-800-557-0654.

It's kind of a short list.