Ceilume Ceiling Tiles Look Good
Styrofoam... will never look this good.
Ceilume Ceiling Tiles Are Long-Lasting
Styrofoam... will never last this long.
You don't belong... under Styrofoam.
Ceilume Ceiling Tiles
You belong under Ceilume!

Styrofoam ceiling tiles? Really?

Styrofoam is for cups and takeout containers, not for the ceiling you live your life under. Ceilume is more beautiful, easier to maintain, and a much better value than foam. Why? Free samples (three full-sized tiles), free shipping (to the lower 48), and our legendary customer service team (they're seriously awesome). Not to mention, fire safety, indoor air quality, and our amazing selection of colors and finishes.

You know that you don't belong under Styrofoam; we know that you do belong under Ceilume!