EZ-On Drop Ceiling Grid Covers

EZ-On Drop Ceiling Grid Covers are exactly what their name implies - the easiest way to make your old standard (15/16 In. to 1 in.) grid look like new.

  • No need to clean your grid
  • No adhesive to worry about
  • No special tools required

Made from 100% recyclable rigid vinyl, EZ-On Drop Ceiling Grid Covers color match all of Cellume's white ceiling tiles (but can be used with mineral fiber too), and slide and snap easily into place.

video-thumbnail-ez-on 15 sec

Only Two Components Required

Wall Angle Covers install everywhere your grid runs along a wall, and Main Covers install along your suspended ceiling's main beams and cross T's (basically every section that does NOT run along a wall).

Calculate How Many You Will Need

Use our ceiling tile materials calculator to layout out your ceiling and figure out how many Ez-On Grid Covers you'll need to complete your installation.

  • You'll need to measure your room and have those dimensions handy.
  • Step 6 (of 7) is when you'll calculate how many grid covers you'll need.
  • The calculator will pre-populate your ceiling with tiles. If you don't need tiles, deselect them in Step 7 and they will not be added to your cart.
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