EZ-On Drop Ceiling Grid Covers

EZ-On Drop Ceiling Grid Covers are exactly what their name implies - the easiest way to make your old standard (15/16 In. to 1 in.) grid look like new.

  • No need to clean your grid
  • No adhesive to worry about
  • No special tools required

Made from 100% recyclable rigid vinyl, EZ-On Drop Ceiling Grid Covers color match all of Cellume's white ceiling tiles (but can be used with mineral fiber too), and slide and snap easily into place.

Only Two Components Required

Wall Angle Covers install everywhere your grid runs along a wall, and Main Covers install along your suspended ceiling's main beams and cross T's (basically every section that does NOT run along a wall).

Calculate How Many You Will Need

Use our ceiling tile materials calculator to layout out your ceiling and figure out how many Ez-On Grid Covers you'll need to complete your installation.

  • You'll need to measure your room and have those dimensions handy.
  • Step 6 (of 7) is when you'll calculate how many grid covers you'll need.
  • The calculator will pre-populate your ceiling with tiles. If you don't need tiles, deselect them in Step 7 and they will not be added to your cart.
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