Stratford Ceiling Tiles

600 mm. x 600 mm.

Stratford Ceiling Tile Face
Stratford Ceiling Tile ISO
Stratford Ceiling Tile Group
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Product Description

Stratford Ceiling Tiles are cost-effective, easy-to-use, and now available in 600 mm. x 600 mm.!

Made from our Feather-Light Series 0.3302 mm. thick vinyl plastic, they are unlike any ceiling tile you will ever see or feel. You may be surprised by their minimal weight, but their thermoformed design combined with the inherent strength of vinyl makes these tiles rigid, durable, and easy to install and maintain.

This tile is Euroclass B-s2-d0, 100% recyclable, completely waterproof, Greenguard Gold Certified for indoor air quality, and made in the USA.

For the look of plaster or tin, with the flexibility, durability, and versatility of vinyl - look no further!


Height 600mm.
Width 600mm.
Area 0.36 sq. m.
Features Recess 12.7 mm. from tile face
Thickness 0.3302 mm.
Weight 6.4 oz.
Material Vinyl
Color White
Finish Satin


Installation Type Standard 600 mm. x 600 mm. lay-in
Borders Yes, may be used as border tiles
Direct Mount Grid Yes, may be used with direct mount grid
Temp. Warning Not recommended for installation where ceiling temperatures exceed 49℃


Noise Reduction NRC 0.25
Sound Transmission STC 10
Ceiling Attenuation CAC 14
Light Reflectance 90.44%
Thermal Insulation R-0.012

Listings and Approvals

Fire Rating Euroclass B-s2-d0
Indoor Air Quality Greenguard Gold Certified; low-VOC, dust and fiber free
Moisture Waterproof, washable