Super Easy to Cut and Install

It may have been affordable and easy, but it sure looks like it took a lot of time and money!

It's been a long-time coming but we have finally finished the basement refinishing project for which we ordered the Ceilume Stratford ceiling tiles. We couldn't be happier with how it turned out and already have received many compliments on the ceiling. The tiles were super-easy to cut and install. Installing the tiles goes very quickly - it's installing the grid system that takes time. We actually have 3 different ceiling heights throughout the basement - for two areas we did a true dropped ceiling grid, for the 3rd and largest area we mounted the grid directly to the joists to maximize the ceiling height. Surprisingly the grid looks better in the two areas where it is actually dropped - the grid appears more uniform and the joints line up much more seamlessly than in the area where the grid is mounted to the joists (we assume that is because the bottom of the joists aren't precisely level with each other and those small differences manifest when the grid is mounted and tiles are installed).

- Kristin