Church Youth Room

Excellent customer service and a wonderful product.

Your ceiling tiles have been a huge hit! We are a very large church in a facility that is around 20 years old. This spring we decided to completely renovate our youth room area. The existing ceiling tiles were the standard white office tiles. They were water-stained from some roof leaks (which have now been corrected) and full of holes from teenagers playing pool and pushing the cue sticks into the ceiling. We wanted a completely different look and I started researching online for colored tiles. After installing just a few tiles, we were sold! They are so easy to wipe off and a cue stick will only push up the tile and then it drops back down (we tried this several times of course). Since our grand opening on July 1st I've had several inquires for your website information. Thank you for excellent customer service and a wonderful product.

- Janna K.