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Bosworth & Son, Hats and Apparel

A cowhand without a stylish and functional hat just doesn't have his or her kit together, and a storefront without a great ceiling is... well, its just a few walls and a floor looking for a way to top it off.

Founded in 1911, "They say that visiting Bosworth's is like a step back in time. The wooden floors still have stains on them when it used to be a buggy shop!" When the store was renovated a few years back, the good folk there desired a ceiling reflecting on the establishment's heritage, but acting all up to date. The solution was Ceilume's Fleur-de-lis ceiling panels. They give the fine appearance of historic tin ceilings, but without the costs or disadvantages - like sharp edges.

Next, they considered installing old-style pendant lights, but figured hanging fixtures might be a bit intrusive, visually, and make it a tad difficult to light the merchandise properly. Instead, they used our translucent Stratford panels, then backlit them to create rows of luminous ceiling panels that fill the shop with soft diffused light while maintaining the character of the former general mercantile store. Being practical people in Geyserville, they also liked the economy of using inexpensive strip lights above the ceiling.

Come to think of it, thermoforming our ceiling panels is a bit like the process used to shape a hat. It takes heat, molds, the finest materials, and a sense of pride.

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