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Ceilume's Sustainable Ceiling Tiles are created from no less than 40% post-consumer recycled packaging waste. Fully returnable at the end of their use for rebirth as new ceiling tiles, Ceilume Sustainable sets a new standard for environmental responsibility and resource stewardship in the ceiling tile industry.

  • Made from Ceilume-P40-Plus 60% recycled material (40% post-consumer / 20% pre-consumer)
  • Class A Fire Rated and UV inhibited
  • GREENGUARD Environmental Institute certified for Indoor Air Quality and Children & Schools
  • High light reflectance for improved indoor lighting efficiency
  • Uses 80% less material to manufacture and is five times more efficient to ship than conventional ceiling tiles
  • End-of-use return program creates a true closed-loop lifecycle: once a ceiling tile, always a ceiling tile!

Honored by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and Interiors & Sources magazine's 2010 Bloom Awards in the "Innovative Materials" category, Ceilume's Sustainable Ceiling Tiles are not only good looking, they're good for the planet.

Sustainable Ceiling Tiles

Cambridge Sustainable Ceiling Tiles
Ceiling Tiles

$11.99 - $16.99
Fleur-de-lis Sustainable Ceiling Tiles
Ceiling Tiles

$11.99 - $16.99
Medallion Sustainable Ceiling Tiles
Ceiling Tiles

$6.25 - $7.95
Polyline Sustainable Ceiling Tiles
Ceiling Tiles

$6.25 - $7.95
Stratford Sustainable Ceiling Tiles
Ceiling Tiles

$6.25 - $7.95

Sustainable Ceiling Panels

Cambridge Sustainable Ceiling Panels
Ceiling Panels

$25.45 - $35.45

Sustainable Ceiling Tile Accessories

Sustainable Decorative Strips

$29.00 - $43.00
per Case of 25

The Sustainable Ceiling Challenge

Watch how Ceilume Smart Ceiling Tiles converts post-consumer recycled PET bottles into the industry's most sustainable ceiling tiles:

LEED Credits

Download LEED® for New Construction & Major Renovations Version 2.2 (PDF)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - The Three "R"s Come to Suspended Ceilings


When modern suspended and drop ceilings were introduced in the middle of the last century, sustainability as we think of it today was hardly on anyone's radar screen, let alone something people practiced every day as a way to preserve our environment and protect the planet. Yet for purely practical reasons (reduced raw material usage, reduced transportation costs, reduced installation time) T-bar grid ceilings, by their very design, fully embraced the first "R" of environmental stewardship: reduce!

Drop Ceiling Grid These ceilings were not pretty, but they used fewer resources, required less installation time, and provided a degree of design flexibility that was previously unheard of - dramatically reducing building maintenance and repair costs and the raw materials consumption associated with both. Get a plumbing leak above your plaster ceiling and it might weaken and fall on you; get a plumbing leak above your sheetrock ceiling and you end up with a gooey mess. To repair either you're investing a whole lot of time, plus pulling down and disposing of a great deal of material that you then have to replace. Bottom line, a simple water leak can trigger an expensive, unplanned remodel that is hard on the planet AND the pocketbook.

But get that same leak above a suspended ceiling, and you just remove the damaged tile, fix the leak, and replace the tile. Better yet, if your drop ceiling tiles don't absorb water (if you've installed Ceilume's plastic tiles, for example), you just wipe the wet one off and put it right back in place. That is reduction in spades!


Ceiling Tile Take-Back Program In the ceiling tile industry, reuse was introduced by Armstrong World Industries, the country's largest manufacture of mineral fiber ceiling tiles, a decade ago and USG soon followed suit with their own ceiling tile recycling program. Though geared primarily at large commercial users (30,000 sq. ft. to 40,000 sq. ft. are required for free pickup), these programs were a major step in the right direction.

Now Ceilume Sustainable Ceiling Tiles have taken ceiling tile reuse and recycling to a whole new level. For projects large or small, ten tiles or ten thousand, when a Ceilume Sustainable Ceiling Tile reaches the end of its use we take it back, at no charge to the customer, and reprocess it into brand new ceiling tiles. Our energy efficient shipping configuration and unique material characteristics make this not only good environmental policy, but good business policy.


PET Bottles Recycling, in its truest form, might be the most important of the Three "R"s of environmental conservation. Diverting materials that would otherwise become landfill waste and turning those diverted materials into durable products that can, themselves, be recycled right back into more of the very same product at the end of use, is the holy grail of sustainability.

Ceilume's proprietairy Ceilume-P40-Plus material has 60% recycled content: 40% post-consumer PET bottles and 20% pre-consumer content. By converting disposable beverage containers into decorative ceiling tiles and providing a no-cost take-back, Ceilume insures that once materials are diverted from the waste stream they stay diverted - once a Ceilume Sustainable Ceiling Tile, always a Ceilume Sustainable Ceiling Tile!

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