We recognize that preserving natural resources by minimizing adverse environmental impacts is vital, and we are committed to providing all of our customers with high-quality, environmentally-friendly products. We have a longstanding commitment to conserving natural resources and protecting the health and well being of our customers and our community.


In addition to being made in the USA (less shipping = reduced environmental impact), our ceiling tiles:


Diverting materials that would otherwise become landfill waste and turning those diverted materials into durable products that can, themselves, be recycled right back into more of the very same product at the end of use, is the holy grail of sustainability.

Ceilume's sustainable ceiling panels are created from no less than 40% post-consumer recycled packaging waste. Fully returnable at the end of their use for rebirth as new ceiling tiles, they set a new standard for environmental responsibility and resource stewardship in the ceiling tile industry.


Recycle Bugs We are dedicated to environmental conservation, and our insistence on recycling at our factory and the recyclability of our products is just one way that we demonstrate that dedication. The benefits of recycling and recyclability are numerous as the reprocessing of used materials prevents needless waste from being sent to landfills and reduces the consumption of raw materials.

Sustainable Building Credits and Codes

Ceilume Ceiling Tiles and Panels contribute to:

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