Who We Are

Ben Carr Ben Carr
Customer Service Manager

Ben is our go-to-guy for Ceilume Ceiling Tiles. Trained in the Sonoma Wine Country's hospitality industry, he knows that great customer service is just as important as a quality product. After 9 years at Ceilume, if you've got a question, Ben (usually) has the answer. In his spare time he enjoys making and mixing music, watching Sci-Fi movies with his wife, Anna, and chillin' with his awesome Grandma.

David Condello David Condello
Commercial Accounts Manager

Bringing an East Coast flavor to the Customer Service team, Dave enjoys helping folks make the right ceiling decisions for their upcoming projects. His background in commercial construction comes in handy when talking to building and design professionals as well as the folks at the L&W Supply network. It is rumored that he answers ceiling-related questions at HomeDepot.com under the alias "the Ceiluminary", but you didn't hear that from us. When not working, Dave can be found exploring California on some sort of 2-wheeled machine.

Ed Davis Ed Davis

Known far and wide (we may be prone to exaggeration) as "The Ceiling Tile Guy" on YouTube (2 million views and counting!), Ed's license plate reads "CEILUME" and he may obsessively take photos of the amazing (not always in a good way) ceilings he encounters. An expert in ceiling tile safety and performance testing, when he is not spreading the word about Ceilume, Ed can be found running (slowly) the trails in Sonoma County, playing bass, and indulging in his passion for writing (his latest novella, "In all Things" was just released!).

Haylie Myers Haylie Myers
Customer Service Rep

Haylie is our newest team member and definitely the happiest. You can seriously hear the smile in her voice... like all the time. She earned her customer service stripes working for a Mercedes Benz dealership, but left in search of a more glamorous position. You know, like representing a ceiling tile manufacturing company in a small town in Northern California. When she's not at work she can be found: in the ocean, hiking, or searching for the best burger in Sonoma County with her boyfriend.

Noah Davis Noah Davis
Showroom Manager

Noah has spent his life (the adult portion, anyway) helping customers. His efforts recently have been focused on the creation of Ceilume's new showroom in Portland, Oregon. When he's not taking care of customers' ceiling tile needs, he's generally playing (or working on) a pinball machine with his 3-year-old son, Cooper, or enjoying an Imperial IPA. He also happens to be one of the top 1% ranked competitive pinball players in the world. He and his wife, Emma (of Emma Davis Interior Design), enjoy working on their house together whenever they can.

Rachel Larman Rachel Larman
Shipping Unicorn

Rachel is our full-time Shipping Manager and part-time customer service "backup singer". With over 15 years of customer service expertise she's never too busy to pick up the phone (while the guys are at lunch) and talk about the benefits of Ceilume. When Rachel is not lovingly labeling FedEx boxes, she's out on the trails training her Arabian horse, Mystic Kid, for the sport of Endurance Racing.

Ritch Foster Ritch Foster
Customer Service Rep

After serving customers for many years as a General Contractor in Northern California, Ritch joined our Customer Service Team and brought a vast amount of construction knowledge with him. He is enjoying continuing to provide exceptional customer service while no longer beating up his body as a working contractor. He now enjoys having more time and energy for backpacking with friends and day hiking with his wife, Margie, and their Canine Companion breeder dogs, Pala and Ona.
Guiding Principle #7: Be profitable. Financial stability allows us to provide great products.