How to Install Decorative Strip Grid Covers

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Finish your suspended ceiling tile installation with decorative strips, which will make your drop ceiling grid disappear, leaving nothing to detract from your beautiful, custom ceiling.

Decorative strips are 24" long with an adhesive backing, and are designed to cover the face of the T-bar. Each strip has a decorative pattern that begins with a dot and ends with a dash.

Before removing the peel surface on the adhesive backing, it is recommended that the strips be dry fit. Place the dot end of the decorative strip directly over a four-way grid intersection and the length of the strip along the face of the grid between two ceiling tiles. If the strip needs to be trimmed simply cut it to size appropriately.

Place the Dot Directly over the Intersection

Do not remove the peel surface on the adhesive backing until the strip is ready to be installed. If the adhesive comes into contact with dust, oil or grease of any kind it will not adhere to the ceiling grid's surface. If the decorative strip does not adhere for any reason, a small amount of Ceilume Ceiling Tile Adhesive can be applied.

Remove the peel surface on the adhesive backing and press the strip firmly into place making sure to once again line the dot end of the strip with the four-way grid intersection and its length along the face of the grid between two ceiling tiles. Butt the next decorative strip directly against the first, creating a repeating pattern - the first dot on the second strip placed over the next four-way grid intersection and so on.

Butt the Second Strip against the First

After all of the decorative grid strips running in one direction have been installed begin installing the strips perpendicular to the first set. Dry fit and trim as necessary before removing the peel surface and installing.

Finish All the Strips in One Direction First

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