Ceilume Receives GREENGUARD IAQ Certification

It is easy to see why conventional ceiling tiles are considered a significant source of indoor air pollution," says Ed Davis, President of Ceilume. "Their porous surface can trap dust and harbor mold, and their fibrous construction absorbs moisture and odors that are reintroduced into the building as pollutants, not to mention the volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde they can release invisibly into the air. GREENGUARD Certification of Ceilume assures ceiling tile customers, for the first time ever, that a tile is finally available that eliminates those concerns."

Empire West Inc. has been awarded GREENGUARD Certification for its Ceilume Smart Ceiling Tiles. This engineering breakthrough makes Ceilume the first drop ceiling tile ever to meet the stringent GREENGUARD Environmental Institute's (GEI) indoor air quality standards for low emitting materials.

"Earning GREENGUARD Certification is an extension of our strong commitment to the environment and its impact on the health and well being of building occupants," continues Davis. "This assures the market that our products will not harm indoor air quality."

Whether for new construction, remodeling or replacement, with over 50 models to choose from there is a style for every setting where a suspended ceiling might be used. Lighter, cleaner and easier to install than conventional ceiling tiles, Ceilume is available in white opaque, black opaque, and translucent for installation under lighting fixtures, and it fits all standard 1" t-bar grid systems.

"This GREENGUARD Certification means that there is finally a ceiling tile for clean buildings, green buildings and any buildings where indoor air quality is important - which is every building," said Davis. "In keeping with our green philosophy, Ceilume's feather-light vinyl construction and nesting design uses 75% less raw material than conventional tiles, and they are 5 times more efficient to ship. The tiles themselves are backed by a 5 year limited warranty, and they are 100% curbside recyclable."

To find out more about the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute and its certifications, please see their website: www.greenguard.org.

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