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Start here.

Our tech geeks have created an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to choosing the right ceiling tiles for your installation. Only takes a few minutes. Have fun!

Be inspired.

We think our ceiling tiles are the bomb-diggity, but you don't have to take our word for it. Check out our gallery for photos and testimonials from actual customers.

Go shopping.

You know what you want. You are a (wo)man of action. You laugh in the face of danger. You scoff at asking for directions. Don't let us stand in your way.

"You belong under Ceilume" isn't just our company slogan, it's what we believe. Do we make the coolest ceiling tiles and panels on the planet? You bet! But a product is only as good as the value it brings to the customer buying it, so you are a lot more important in this equation than we are.

Yes, we manufacture ceiling tiles, but what we strive to provide you with is a sense of pride in your beautifully enhanced environment, confidence that what you have purchased is safe and will be easily maintained for years to come, and, most importantly of all, a feeling that you belong.

If your new ceiling is impossible to install, we've failed. If it looks like an afterthought instead of a centerpiece, we've failed. If your ceiling tiles are not one of the first things visitors notice when they enter the room (not because they are saggy, or water stained or cracked, but because they make the space come alive) then we have failed.

But when you lean back in your chair at the end of the day, or look up from your desk, dinner table, or couch and you are pleased by what you see, then we've done our job - it's that simple.

Our customers tell our story best, so as you travel around our website be sure to check out their reviews and the incredible photos and comments they provide. We take great pride in knowing that so many people live their lives beneath our ceilings, and we sincerely hope that one day soon you will feel like you belong there, too.

All the best!

Ed Davis
President, Ceilume Ceiling Tiles
Ed Davis, President
Ed Davis
"The Ceiling Tile Guy"

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