How to Match My Grid to My Drop Ceiling Tiles

If you would like to create a more inviting, less office-like suspended ceiling or you are simply interested in matching your drop ceiling grid to your tiles for a more cohesive look, you can either cover your T-bar grid system or paint it.

A Word about Color and Finish Matching

We make every effort at Ceilume to keep the colors and finishes of our products very consistent regardless of thickness, style, or manufacturing date, and we do a pretty darn good job of it. Absolute perfection is not possible in this regard, which is why you will see a color disclaimer statement on most interior finish products you buy.

Below are some ways we can help you make sure that color matching works to your satisfaction.

Use our free sample program and...

  • If your installation calls for tiles of different styles or thicknesses, but in the same color, request current samples that will let you see for yourself exactly how the actual products compare in your setting.
  • Matching new tiles to an older installation? Request current samples in the styles that you need so you can see the old and new side-by-side for yourself.
  • Matching tiles to paint, or paint to tiles? Once you receive your full order, ask your local paint store to match the tile color, and mix a small test batch. Paint a small, hidden area of your installation, wait for it to dry, and then compare to your tiles.

Countless factors (gloss, sheen, light source, viewing angle, etc.) can impact your eyes' perception of color, and those variables will be different in every single installation. For that reason, you always want to work with current samples of the actual materials involved. Our motto is simple: "test is best", and our sample program makes that easy... Just give Ceilume Customer Service a call at 1-800-557-0654 and we will be glad to help you out!

Covering Your Old T-Bar to Complement Your New Tiles

Ceilume offers two great choices for matching your old grid to your new tiles:

Available in all Ceilume colors and finishes, self-adhesive, and easy to trim with household scissors, these ceiling grid covers will make your suspended ceiling tile grid system disappear, leaving nothing to detract from your new, designer ceiling tiles.

Painting Your Drop Ceiling Grid System to Match Your Tiles

Painting your drop ceiling grid can be a good option in major remodels where masking and drop-cloths will already be required for other aspects of the project. Ceilume's premiere colors (sand, latte, and merlot) have the following corresponding Benjamin Moore paint colors:

  • Sand
    Benjamin Moore Color #HC-27, Monterey White
  • Latte
    Benjamin Moore Color #HC-87, Ashley Gray
  • Merlot
    Benjamin Moore Color #1297, Ruby Dusk

However, BEFORE painting your full grid be sure to do these three things:

  1. Get your actual tile order in hand; don't proceed with just a sample.
    Regardless of the manufacture or material type, some color shift is always possible between samples and the actual product. You will avoid extra work and surprises by always paint-matching to the ACTUAL product you will install.
  2. Have your hardware/paint store match your paint to the product itself.
    Don't just buy the pre-mixed paint number and assume that the match will be perfect, and don't match to the sample tile or color swatch you received; match to the ACTUAL tiles you will be installing.
  3. Test first, then paint.
    Once your tile order is in hand and your paint is mixed, paint a small portion of the grid (a few squares). Let the paint dry overnight then install a few of your actual tiles in those sections to make sure that the match meets your standards. If it doesn't, you will need to go back to the paint store and have them adjust the color to get it just right.

One final note: as with any painting project, always be sure to properly prepare the grid surface itself, per the instructions on the paint can, to make sure you get the best adhesion and finish; and always be sure to wear appropriate personal safety equipment.

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