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Glue-up Ceiling Tiles

Glue-up (also called "direct mount") ceiling tiles are attached directly to a ceiling surface using adhesive. Our 0.030" thick Signature Collection of tiles were designed specifically for this purpose and are the perfect ceiling tiles for glue-up installations (if we say so ourselves... and we do!). They are easy to install, clean, and maintain, and they create the look of a classic tin or plaster ceiling at a fraction of the cost.

We offer glue-up ceiling tiles in 15 classic styles, five premiere colors, three metallic finishes, and three beautiful wood grains. All of our tiles are Class A fire rated, recyclable, Greenguard Gold Certified for indoor air quality, and absolutely positively dust free, tarnish free, and (insert something here that ends in "ee").

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White Glue-Up Ceiling Tiles


Sand Glue-Up Ceiling Tiles


Latte Glue-Up Ceiling Tiles


Merlot Glue-Up Ceiling Tiles


Black Glue-Up Ceiling Tiles


Bronze Glue-Up Ceiling Tiles


Copper Glue-Up Ceiling Tiles


Tin Glue-Up Ceiling Tiles


Sandal Wood Glue-Up Ceiling Tiles

Sandal Wood

Caramel Wood Glue-Up Ceiling Tiles

Caramel Wood

Cherry Wood Glue-Up Ceiling Tiles

Cherry Wood

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