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Ceiling Tile Aviation Snips

$26.95 / snip

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Size: 10.5"
Color: High-Visibility Orange
Qty. of Snips:
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Our Ceiling Tile Aviation Snips are proudly made in the USA by Wiss, and combine the long cut of traditional snips with the power of compound action, making them perfect for long, fast, and precise cutting of ceiling tiles.

  • 3" blade for making long cuts
  • Compound action multiplies the force of the hand for less effort during cutting
  • Cuts up to 20-gauge low-carbon cold-rolled steel
  • Blade serrations help hold material firmly during cutting
  • Non-slip textured grips and handle latch add safety

How much will my tiles cost?

Well, that depends! Our ceiling tile prices are based on the total number of items (tiles and accessories) in your cart. The more you buy, the cheaper they get!

How many tiles do I need?

Use our nifty (and easy to use) ceiling tile and accessories calculator to find out!

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