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New products made from 100% recycled material represent the Holy Grail of sustainability... long sought, seldom found. Until now, environmentally conscious ceiling tile customers who began that quest were cursed to end up empty handed, but all that is about to change! Just like Indiana Jones, you can choose wisely, and have a beautiful Ceilume ceiling made from random gray, 100% recycled material!

In addition to providing the ultimate in sustainability, our new random gray material has all of the features of our other colors (Class A fire rating, Greenguard Gold Certified, FDA/USDA compliant, etc.) and at a reduced cost! It also gives you a unique design opportunity - because this material is made from 100% post-manufacturing scrap, the color (while always some shade of gray) is truly random as it is determined by the material that is recycled. The color tends to be a light "charcoal", but it can shift from dark to light, from batch to batch, and even within a single order, ensuring your ceiling will be unlike any other.

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