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Luminous Ceilings with Translucent, Frosted, and Clear Ceiling Panels

Translucent Ceiling Tiles in Newsroom Ceilume's Luminous Ceiling Panels let the light shine in (literally), opening up a range of creative lighting possibilities for your suspended ceiling. With three levels of transparency from which to choose, you can create a soft white ceiling glow with our translucent panels, a vibrant illuminated ceiling with frosted, or "go clear" with... clear! Imagine a drop ceiling that adds a whole new dimension to your interior space - the dimension above the grid.

These panels don't create light, they transmit it, so use them in combination with the above grid light source of your choice to achieve the desired effect. Below you'll find the light transmittance of each material. The higher the number, the more clear the material.

Direct Lighting with Clear Panels Both the translucent and frosted ceiling panels will obscure the light fixtures above your lay-in ceiling grid, so inexpensive fluorescent units work well. Clear ceiling tiles, while not "window pane" clear, provide full visibility to everything above them, making them a favorite for daylighting applications, data centers, and daring designers who want to push the boundaries and break through traditional opaque ceilings!

Our luminous ceilings are approved for use as drop-out ceiling panels beneath fire suppression sprinklers.

Three Illuminating Materials

Translucent Ceiling Panels

Ceiling Panels

31.62% Transmittance
Soft and Even Lighting
Above Grid Area is Completely Hidden

Frosted Ceiling Panels

Ceiling Panels

76.81% Transmittance
Vibrant and Dramatic Light Effect
Above Grid Area is Partially Obscured

Clear Ceiling Panels

Ceiling Panels

87.67% Transmittance
Maximum Clarity = Maximum Light
Above Grid Area is Clearly Visible

Translucent Ceiling Tiles

Translucent Ceiling Panels

Frosted Ceiling Tiles and Panels

Clear Ceiling Tiles and Panels

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