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Which Ceiling Panel Would You Hire?
Walls & Ceilings, January 2020

Plaza Hotel Checks in Ceilume Ceilings
Hospitality Industry News, May 2019

Ceilume panels create stunning aesthetic
Retail Environments, April 2019

Designed for Business
Commercial Construction & Renovation, March/April 2019

Ceiling Systems: Overhead Investment
The Construction Specifier, March 2019

Thermoformed Ceilings Go Commercial
Walls & Ceilings, September 2018

Fifth Wall Wonder
Oregon Home, July 2018

Ceilume Ceiling Donation to the BTHL
APT Communiqué, April 2018

Ceilings Become Transluminous
The Construction Specifier, August 2017

Hygienic Ceilings: Keeping it clean overhead
The Construction Specifier, December 2016

Hygienic Ceilings: Standards and Guidelines
The Construction Specifier, December 2016

Specifying Drop-out Ceilings beneath Fire Sprinklers
Consulting-Specifying Engineer, November 2016

Safety, Code Issues of Drop-out Ceilings
Consulting-Specifying Engineer, November 2016

Chintz Room, Lazarus Building
Retrofit, March-April 2016

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