Painted Ceiling Tiles

Install even easier than expected.

We went with the Ceiling Link grid system. I know this is not your product, but I thought I'd just share that next time I would go with one that locks together. If I accidentally pushed too hard on the tile I was putting in, the whole row would shift, and I'd have to go back to the beginning and reset them all. Not a huge problem, but annoying when it did happen. As far as your product.... The tiles were sooo easy to paint. I loved them. I ended up not antiquing the Stratford ones like I had planned to do because the antiqued ones seemed too dark, and looked dirty once they were up. So, I painted the Stratford ceiling tiles a Créme Brulee cream color (one coat). These went in the bulk of the basement... den, office, library, hallway, storage room, and bathroom. The trim in these rooms was also painted that color, and they look great together. Rather than use the edge pieces of the grid, the top trim pieces actually hold the tiles up along the edges. The Orb pattern is in our boys' bedroom. I painted those the same light blue that is on the upper third of their walls (2 coats). They look great! As far as installation. It was even easier than I expected to cut the holes out for vents and lights. The material is very easy to work with. The only issue I had was with the Orb pattern. The problem may have been caused by us making the grid pieces fit a little too tightly in places. If a tile was pushed up in a corner out of the grid, I could get a grip on the Stratford tile to pull it back down into place, but the Orb pattern had nothing to grip, so I had to pop the tile beside it out and push it back down, then hope that the one I popped out fell back into place easily. This was not a huge problem, but it did happen often. Again, this may have been due to the grid system we chose not locking into place, allowing the tiles to get pinched tighter than they needed to be. So, overall, we were very pleased with the Ceilume tiles. They were easy to work with, took paint very well, and were easy to put up. They look really great, and we're looking forward to their easy care for many years.

- Pamela

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