Black Ceiling 1970s Cover-Up

Made the grid disappear!

We've gotten lots of compliments on the new ceiling. Our old ceiling was 70s while textured acoustic tiles, with the black grid. We decided to go with black tiles to make the grid 'disappear' and it worked out well. With the Stratford tiles on the borders, we did have places where the raised parts of the tiles let the gray 'inside' of the grid show where the grid meets the walls -- we solved that with some black electrical tape covering the grid bars above the tiles. We also have the grid placed really close to the joists (again, the former owners in the 70s...) and I looked high and low for a dimmable light to replace the shop lights suspended over acrylic in the old ceiling. First I really wanted pot lights -- but no lighting supplier could find a pot light with black trim rings for my new black tiles. One electrician recommended LED panels, but determined we didn't have enough clearance to make them work. We found a really thin panel LED and they worked out great -- but I think we might be the first people in our city to install these, they threw the electrician for a loop (but they were great!)

- Mary Beth