Be Inspired

Check out these ceiling installations from customers like you!

No More Spongy Tiles

This basement got a big upgrade with a brand new ceiling!

I Can't Believe It's Not Wood!

Ceilume Ceiling Tiles have completely transformed this basement.

Beach Inspired Basement

No boring basements here, just a beach inspired paradise.

Modern Office

Bright blue walls complement the cheerful new ceiling.

Unique Curving Ceiling

This space stands out with it's unique shaped ceiling and bold red color!

Easy Install in White

Southland tiles perfectly complements rustic look.

Good Selection, Good Price

Black Orb ceiling tiles get many compliments.

Lakewood Yacht Club

A great before and after ceiling comparison.

Classic Barbershop

Our Roman Circle Ceiling Tiles perfectly accent the style of this retro Barbershop.

Contractor Approved

Bright white ceiling tiles opened up the room.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Simple installation + better acoustics = an equation that's hard to beat!

Modern, Fully Illuminated Ceiling

Our translucent Southland Ceiling Panels were a perfect fit for this computer store.

Better Than Tin Vaulted Ceiling

This store ceiling is so nice, it gets compliments from all who have seen it.

Shhh... It's a Secret...

No one can tell that it's a drop ceiling!

TJ's Frozen Yogurt

This Frozen Yogurt Shop now stands out for all the right reasons!

Unique Use for Wedding

Who Knew Ceiling Tiles Would Make Such a Big Statement at a Wedding?

Beautiful Home Office Installation

Simple and elegant Stratford tiles in latte.

Easiest Part Was the Tiles

Our Madison Ceiling Tiles add depth to this beautiful basement space.

Clean Country Kitchen

Stratford ceiling tiles in white make a bright clean cooking space.

Looking Fabulous

This isn't a typical ugly restaurant ceiling anymore...


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