Be Inspired

Check out these ceiling installations from customers like you!

Plaster? No, plastic!

Beautiful Medallion ceiling tiles perfectly match old home.

Easy Ornate Install

Medallion ceiling tiles a snap to install.

Modern Medallion

Our Medallion Ceiling Tiles add style to this interior designer's office space.

Renovated Insurance Office

This once plain insurance office now stands out with Ceilume Ceiling Tiles.

A Fresh New Design

Hair salon gets a new 'do.

Vaulted Ceiling Installation

Worth the work for all the compliments.

Updated Salon

This classy ceiling upgrade was the perfect accent for this salon.

Mixing and Matching

Mixing White Florentine Ceiling Tiles with Black Orb Ceiling Tiles created a truly unique ceiling.

Black on Black Ceiling

The million dollar ceiling that doesn't cost a million bucks.

Luxury Houseboat

Ceilume Ceiling Tiles were the perfect option for this houseboat kitchen installation!

First Class Spa

Our Stratford Ceiling Tiles in black give this Southern California spa the finishing touch it needed.

Billion Dollar Brows

Stratford Ceiling Tiles are a perfect complement to this clean, modern, and upscale salon.

Clean Clinic Ceilings

The tiles not only look good, they give confidence to patients and their families.

Beautiful Remodeled Basement

Our Stratford Ceiling Tiles were used throughout this basement to create a uniform design.

Nonprofit Club Room

This auditorium installation features a coffered ceiling, recessed lighting fixtures, air vents and grid mount speakers.

Beautiful New Ceiling

Ceilume's Victorian Ceiling Tiles are the perfect compliment to the historical feel of this incredible building.


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