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The source for useful instructional and informational ceiling tile videos. If it's about ceiling tiles, we have a video about it (and if we don't then drop us a line and we'll send you some free swag and then MAKE a video about it)!

How-To Videos

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How to Choose a Ceiling Tile
Runtime: 2:46

With the growing popularity of decorative ceiling tiles has come a dizzying array of choices. This short video shows you how to compare what's available so that you can choose with confidence.
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How to Install Drop Tiles
Runtime: 0:54

If your suspended T-bar grid is already installed, changing a drab and dusty panel ceiling into a designer one is much easier than you think... and you've got plenty of color and design options.
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How to Install Glue-Up Tiles
Runtime: 1:02

The look of a classic tin ceiling but at a fraction of the cost and without all the hassle!
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How to Install Edge Trim
Runtime: 1:02

Measuring, cutting, and installing partial ceiling tiles along ceiling border areas couldn't be easier - barring ceiling tile installing robots, that is.
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How to Install Can Lighting
Runtime: 1:01

Can lights come in a variety of sizes, styles, and efficiency ratings, and when used in combination with Ceilume Ceiling Tiles, the creative possibilities are almost limitless.
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How to Reface Your Ceiling
Runtime: 0:57

Don't remove your old mineral fiber ceiling tiles; makeover your drop ceiling with specially designed refacing ceiling tiles. This simple DIY project will make your ceiling look brand spankin' new.
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How to Install Decorative Strips
Runtime: 1:04

Decorative Strips are 2' long, self-adhesive, and designed to cover your T-bar grid (suspended installations) or the joints between your ceiling tiles (direct mount installations). Each strip has a decorative pattern that begins with a dot and ends with a dash.
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How to Install Decorative Tape
Runtime: 0:54

Suspended ceilings don't have to be ugly anymore, even if the grid is a little bit past its prime or the wrong color for your new tiles. Our self-adhesive decorative grid tape makes it easy to spruce up your old grid.
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How to Paint Ceiling Tiles
Runtime: 1:05

Ceiling tiles can be painted to match your tastes and decor. Using a spray can, airless sprayer or brush, painting decorative ceiling tiles is a great DIY project, and a great makeover addition to any room.
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How to Illuminate a Ceiling
Runtime: 0:44

Translucent ceiling tiles can help you create a fully illuminated designer ceiling on a DIY budget. No special suspended ceiling or T-Bar grid required!

Meet Some Specialty Products

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Soniguard™ Ceiling Insulation
Runtime: 3:04

Soniguard™ Drop Ceiling Insulation will dramatically improve the acoustical and thermal performance of any drop ceiling.
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Ceilume Ceiling Tile Adhesive
Runtime: 2:40

Formulated specifically for ceiling tiles, Ceilume Ceiling Tile Adhesive gives you better adhesion, better coverage, and confidence that you are using the right product for your job!
Video Thumbnail
Sustainable Ceiling Tiles
Runtime: 1:12

Created from no less than 40% post-consumer recycled packaging waste, our Sustainable Ceiling Tiles are fully returnable at the end of their use and set a new standard for environmental responsibility and resource stewardship.

Videos That Defy Categorization

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15 Sec. Ceiling Makeover
Runtime: 0:15

Forty hands, twenty ceiling tiles, and fifteen seconds. Can you spot the missing finger?
Video Thumbnail
CeilingLink Time Lapse
Runtime: 3:40

A time lapse video of CeilingLink Direct Mount Grid and Ceilume Ceiling Tiles being installed in a kitchen. If you don't want to watch it for the tiles, watch it for the awesome ukulele soundtrack.
Video Thumbnail
Why Thin Is In
Runtime: 1:08

Our ceiling tiles are ultra-thin and ultra-light. They're also beautiful and easier to install and maintain than standard drop-in ceiling panels. Take a look at this video and request a free sample. We think you'll agree that you belong under Ceilume!
Video Thumbnail
Why Use a Suspended Ceiling?
Runtime: 1:07

The magic of suspended ceilings is their ability to create beautiful interior finishes while hiding and giving unequalled access to all those infrastructure elements that make a room work without a hitch.
Video Thumbnail
A Coffered Ceiling on a Budget
Runtime: 0:52

The geometry of a regular suspended ceiling is exactly that of a coffered ceiling, and with the right tiles you will be amazed at just how easy and inexpensive creating a coffered ceiling can be.
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Drop-Out Panels: Burn Test
Runtime: 3:29

Drop-out ceiling panels beneath ceiling sprinklers - UBC 26-3 Room Fire Test, conducted at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio Texas, on April 4th 2008.
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