Culinary and Restaurant Ceiling Tiles by Ceilume

Give your restaurant and your customers the look they deserve!

Show your patrons that you are invested in every aspect of their experience, from floor-to-ceiling and kitchen-to-table, with Ceilume Culinary Ceiling Tiles for commercial kitchens and restaurants!

Coupé Culinary Ceiling Tiles
Culinary Ceiling Tiles
2' x 2'
Color Swatches
$8.49 - $18.95
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Mirage Culinary Ceiling Tiles
Culinary Ceiling Tiles
2' x 2'
Color Swatches
$8.49 - $18.95
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Serenity Culinary Ceiling Tiles
Culinary Ceiling Tiles
2' x 2'
Color Swatches
$8.49 - $18.95
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Upgrade Your Ceiling Today

Washable Commercial Kitchen Ceiling Tiles with Decorator Taste

Culinary Ceiling Tiles

Ceilume's Culinary Ceiling Tiles offer the perfect finishing touch for your restaurant, café, or club. Designed to match the elegant simplicity of classic dinnerware, they are smooth, easily cleanable, and FDA compliant for use in commercial kitchens.

Great for presentation kitchens, open kitchens, dining rooms, and bars, Ceilume Culinary Ceiling Tiles bring a subtle and elegant environmental complement to the fine cuisine you already serve.

Culinary Ceiling Tile Colors

  • Available in 3 styles and 8 designer colors/finishes
    There's a Ceilume Culinary Tile that is right for every décor and place setting!
  • Easy-to-clean
    These tiles not only look good, they'll pass your kitchen inspections for years to come!
  • Washable and waterproof
    Made from 0.030" thick vinyl plastic, all styles can be wiped clean with a damp rag.
  • No muss, no fuss
    Install your tiles without dust and debris - upgrade your kitchen before you open for lunch!
  • Smart and safe
    Class A Fire-rated, ICC recognized, GREENGUARD certified, and FDA compliant.


Have a question? We've got the answer!

Are Ceilume Culinary Ceiling Tiles FDA approved for use in food preparation areas?
Though the FDA does not approve specific products for ceiling use, they do supply an outline of requirements that must be met by any ceiling tile installed in areas where food is prepared. Ceilume Culinary Ceiling Tiles are fully compliant with FDA requirements. Because each installation needs to be approved by a health inspector, we suggest ordering samples of our commercial kitchen ceiling tiles to show your inspector before placing a full order.

What kind of fire rating do Ceilume Culinary Tiles have and what do I need?
Ceilume Culinary Ceiling Tiles are Class A fire-rated, which meets the basic requirement for all kitchens, food preparation areas, bars, and restaurants. However, some installations may require ceiling tiles with other fire and safety ratings, depending on the individual characteristics of each. Before ordering ceiling tiles, it is always best to check with your local Fire Marshal's office or Safety Inspector to find out exactly what ratings are required for your specific installation.

How do I clean my Ceilume Culinary Ceiling Tiles?
Cleaning our tiles is easy! For small spots and stains, simply wipe the tiles down with a damp rag, using light household cleaners if necessary. Avoid using abrasive cleaners and organic solvents, as they may affect the surface appearance of your ceiling tiles. To make regular, rigorous cleaning easier, or if you intend to use a spray-washer, using Uplift Prevention Clips is a good idea.

Do I need Uplift Prevention Clips for my culinary tiles?
It depends on how often and how vigorously you intend to clean your ceiling. Ceilume Culinary Tiles can be cleaned lightly in the grid, or removed for more rigorous cleaning without use of Uplift Prevention Clips. However, using Uplift Prevention Clips will allow you to scrub or spray your tiles without removing them from the ceiling grid, which will make the job go faster.

Can I cut Ceilume Culinary Tiles for use at the edge of my ceiling grid?
Ceilume Culinary Tiles are made from easy-to-cut, smooth vinyl. Our Mirage and Coupé styles, with their subtle, three-dimensional designs, are best cut to 4" or less or 20" or more. Our Serenity tile, which is completely smooth and flat, works great as a border tile if cut down to any width of 12" or less. If you're not sure which kitchen ceiling tile is best suited for your installation, contact us for more information.

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