How to Paint Ceiling Tiles

How-To Video

Written Instructions

Ceilume Ceiling Tiles can be painted straight out of the box or after installation.

  1. Make sure your ceiling tiles and decorative strips are clean and dry.
  2. Select a standard interior paint, or spray paint with a specialized finish.
  3. Test your paint choice on a sample.
  4. Apply paint with a roller, brush, or sprayer.

Please Note:

  • When paint-matching, ALWAYS make sure all materials are on hand BEFORE painting any one segment of the project. Do not create a paint-match based on a material sample alone (a square of carpet, wallpaper, trim, etc.). Regardless of the manufacture or material type, some color shift is always possible between samples and the actual product. You will avoid extra work and surprises by always paint-matching to the ACTUAL product you will install.
  • Do not use solvent type thinners or cleaners.
  • Painting voids Class A Fire Rating.
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