How to Install Glue-Up Ceiling Tile Borders

Special border ceiling tiles should be used around the edge of the ceiling when it is too small to accomodate full tiles. These border ceiling tiles have been designed with a minimum pattern that lends itself to cutting and trimming.

Border Tiles

To begin, choose a non-corner border location, and measure the distance from the edge of an already installed ceiling tile to the wall. Using that measurement, cut the border tile to size, then apply a flat film of Ceilume Ceiling Tile Adhesive to the backside of the ceiling tile around the perimeter.

Measure from Center Tile to Wall

Position the ceiling tile and firmly hold it in place, making sure that the adhesive makes good contact with the ceiling surface for proper adhesion.

If stapling, apply three staples within ¼ in. of the tile’s outer edge along each side of the ceiling tile except for the side that meets the wall.

Repeat the installation process with the remaining border ceiling tiles, proceeding from one adjacent ceiling tile to the next, until the border is complete.

Proceed from One Adjacent Ceiling Tile to the Next

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