How Many Ceiling Tiles Do I Need?

This simple calculator estimates approximately how many tiles or panels will be required for your installation.

Ceiling Dimensions

Width: ft.
Length: ft.

Please Note

The only sure way of knowing how many tiles you need is to draw your room, draw a tile grid over the room, and count the full and partial squares. The results from this calculator are only an estimate.

For a room that is not a rectangle (e.g. an ā€œLā€ shaped room), break it into two or more rectangles, enter those dimensions separately, and then add the resulting estimates.

Many of our most popular styles can be used in any section of your ceiling, as both feature tiles and as less than full size border tiles. If you choose one of these styles, then you do not need to worry about special tiles for your ceiling borders.

If you have chosen a style that is not also suitable for ceiling borders (check product description), then you will need to purchase border tiles. Please call us at 1-800-557-0654 and we will help you calculate exactly what you need.