Will Never Use Standard Tiles Again

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Installation Description

A drop ceiling installation using Stratford White Ceiling Tiles.

Customer Testimonial

I absolutely love your ceiling tiles. I have used them once before, and decided to do so again. In this lower level application, because of your tiles, I was able to not lower the ceiling as would normally be the case with traditional tiles.Your tiles are so easy to trim and cut for fitting around air vents, etc.  And also for positioning recessed lighting. The other thing that is great about your product is.... In several cases I had to bend them to position them around air ducts, plumbing and wiring.  The material is so great, that it allowed me to flex them, and when they are in position they pop right back into flat without showing any deformity of the materials! You would never know that they had been bent. I will never use standard ceiling tiles again.

- Herb J.

Installation Tags

Suspended/Drop; 2 x 2; White; Border Tile; Recessed/Can; Track; Stratford; Basement; Bathroom; Bedroom; Living/Rec Room

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