Coffered Ceiling Transformation

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Installation Description

A glue-up ceiling installation using Evangeline White Ceiling Tiles.

Customer Testimonial

Tiles worked beautifully and transformed a dismal, ordinary room. We chose to create a coffered ceiling that is really amazing. Following up with another email to tell you how pleased I am with the way the ceilume tiles worked for me.  The tiles truly appear to be as if they were cast plaster (the effect I had hoped for) and they serve to lighten up a dark room nicely.  The coffering was a challenge with each area needing to be adapted to the vagaries of a ceiling created in the 19th century, but it was certainly worth all the measuring, leveling, and finagling we needed to do. I'll be delighted to send photographs when I have returned home.

- Nancy A.

Installation Tags

Glue/Nail Up; 2 x 2; White; Coffered; Ceiling Fan; Evangeline; Dining Room; Living/Rec Room

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