Hand Carved Wood Style

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Installation Description

A drop ceiling installation using Stratford White Ceiling Tiles, and Florentine White Ceiling Tiles.

Customer Testimonial

We painted it (Ralph Lauren Polo paint) metallic brown with a sprayer and then used stiff scrub brushes to bring out the metallic colors (we just hand brushed the paint after we sprayed) the ceiling is awesome. We wanted the look of a old tin ceiling in our home theater but it turned out to look a lot like an old plaster or hand carved wood ceiling. We always ask visitors what they think the ceiling is and usually they think it is wood. LOL... Like we could afford that. One other thing, we sprayed the tiles while on the ground and sprayed the grid at the same time. I'm telling you, your product is awesome. We needed a drop ceiling because of the home theater basement application but so didn't want the look of a drop ceiling.

- Nathan N.

Installation Tags

Suspended/Drop; 2 x 2; Painted; Border Tile; Recessed/Can; Projector; Florentine; Stratford; Basement; Home Theater

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