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A drop ceiling installation using Polyline White Ceiling Tiles, and Victorian White Ceiling Tiles.

Customer Testimonial

My ceiling turned out beautifully!  I completely renovated an old building in a very small town in southwestern Michigan.  When we finished the project, many people in town were very interested in seeing what we had done.  For the first few weeks we spent about as much time giving tours of the facility as we did working.  Fortunately, the building turned out well and everyone seemed to be really impressed with the place.  The top item on the list of things that people mentioned that they loved was my ceiling.  "Where did you find that?"   
As a matter of fact, a local historian came in and took pictures of the place.  She brought me copies of them.  Out of the twenty or so pictures she took of the building, three of them were of the ceiling!
We definitely hit a home run with this one!

- Mary M.

Feel free to come by and take a look at our Ceilume installation:

The Mousse Lodge
108 South Phelps Street
Decatur, MI 49045
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Suspended/Drop; 2 x 2; White; Translucent; Border Tile; Back; Recessed/Can; Air Vent; Ceiling Fan; Polyline; Victorian; Commercial Open to Public; Commercial Salon/Spa

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