Before and After Basement Remodel

No 1970s elementary school look for this basement ceiling!

I would rate the product as a 5. It was very easy with which to work, very forgiving when installing in tight spaces where I had pipes or electrical close and I cannot express enough how much easier my work was only needing scissors and an X-acto knife to cut the tiles.

I have attached some before and after photos for your collection. As you can see, along with the tiles I redid the lighting and the trickiest thing I needed to do was create the space within the center of the tiles to fit the lighting through. Happily with a cutting board and a template and not too much force I was able to cut right through the tile. Then creating that really finished look was a snap once I put the lighting can up and fit it up snugly to the tile. One of the easiest items I worked with during my basement refinish.

I am very happy I came across your company as my wife and I were pretty disillusioned with our choices in the local stores. We desperately did not want a drop ceiling that looked like it belonged in a 1970s elementary school. Thankfully we found Ceilume online and I spoke with Noah twice, once to get a sample and the second time to ask a few questions about the product. Both times he was very helpful. I am absolutely going to recommend your products moving forward.

- Jonathan

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