Be Inspired

Check out these ceiling installations from customers like you!

Super Easy to Cut and Install

It may have been affordable and easy, but it sure looks like it took a lot of time and money!

Humidity Not a Problem Anymore

Beautiful doesn't begin to describe this relaxing spa room!

Restaurant with Bold Merlot Tiles

This restaurant really stands out with Ceilume's Merlot Ceiling Tiles!

Installation Was A Snap

This incredible basement was made even better with a pool table and our ceiling tiles!

Shower Installation

This shower got a major upgrade with this elegant coffered ceiling.

Cafe and Deli Go Nuts

Merlot ceiling tiles go well with the cafe.

IT Equipment Rack

Ceilume Translucent Polyline Ceiling Tiles were the perfect fit for this job!

Copper Leafing

Beautiful copper leafing by Strong Decorative Paints in Austin, TX.

New Bar and Lounge

White Stratford ceiling tiles complement red walls.

TV Studio Stage Backlighting

This TV Studio used our Translucent Petal Ceiling Tiles and backlighting to create this look on stage!

Designer Bathroom

These tiles are 100% waterproof. No mold, no mildew, no moisture-related staining!

Multi-Level Ceiling

Always easy to install - even on complicated ceilings.

Motorcycle Showroom

This showroom stands out with our Black Diamond Plate Ceiling Tiles.

Fully Illuminated TV Newsroom

Ceiling tiles were the perfect solution to this newsroom's needs.

Green and Greener

Alexander and Continental Ceiling Tiles create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere in this space.

Bistro 17 Cafe

Our Stratford Ceiling Tiles in Sand make this space feel modern and chic.


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