Drop-Out Ceiling Panels

Factory Mutual (FM)Approval Guide

Per the Factory Mutual Approval Guide (PDF), the Feather-Light Ceiling Tile Series is designed to be heat sensitive, promptly moving out of their setting, and will not significantly interfere with the operation of automatic sprinklers located above. When other building components and occupancy do not require sprinkler protection, these products may be used without creating such a need.

No clips, fasteners, or impediments of any kind can be used to limit the ceiling tile's ability to drop from the suspension system without restraint in the event of a fire.

Painting voids these approvals.

Feather-Light Ceiling Tiles may be used for installation under fire suppression sprinkler systems with an activation temperature of 165°F, in a manner acceptable and subject to the authorities having jurisdiction. ALWAYS review your installation with the local authorities before you proceed.

Approval Standards

Approval Standards illustrate the Approval criteria of various types of products and services. The link below shows the current Approval Standards for "Plastic Suspended Ceiling Panels".

FM Approvals® Aproval Standard for Plasitc Suspended Ceiling Panels, Class Number 4651 (PDF).

FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet

This data sheet identifies those combinations of ceiling and floor or roof deck that need protection, and recommends the type of protection needed. It also includes recommendations for drop-out ceilings.

FMDS0112 - Ceilings and Concealed Spaces

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