Mirage White Ceiling Tiles

$3.50 / sq. ft. $13.99 / tile (4 sq. ft.)

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Install Type: Standard 1" grid
Size: 2 ft. x 2 ft.
Qty. of Tiles: 25 items required to check out
Subtotal: $349.75 (100 sq. ft.)

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The graceful lines and smooth contours of Mirage Ceiling Tiles in white, our most popular color, will remind your customers that they're not just out to eat, but to experience! Made with looks in mind but functionality at heart, Mirage is as easy to clean as a dinner plate, and designed to look even better. With a pattern so subtle that it is almost like an illusion, Mirage helps immerse your patrons in quality by creating a ceiling esthetic to match your culinary masterpieces!

  • 2' x 2'
  • White
  • Can be installed in standard 1" drop ceiling grid
  • Suitable for use as edge trim when cutting to <4" or >20"
  • Made from recyclable, 0.030" thick rigid vinyl plastic
  • Lightweight and flexible for easy installation

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