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Uplift Prevention Clips

Master Pack of 1000 Clips
$0.50 / clip $495.00 / case
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Size: 1 in.
Color: Black
Quantity: master pack
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Uplift Prevention Clips are designed for use with drop ceiling panels in situations when tile movement due to wind or air pressure changes may be an issue. For normal, indoor suspended ceiling installations most tiles do not require the use of Uplift Prevention Clips.

  • Master Pack of 1000 Uplift Prevention Clips
  • May be used with drop-out ceiling tiles


Ceiling tile uplift prevention clips should be clipped down onto the back of the suspended ceiling grid such that the "wings" on either side of the clip set just above the ceiling panels on either side of the T-bar spine. One clip should be applied to every 2 linear feet of grid where ceiling panels might lift due to air movement or pressure changes.

If clips are used in drop-out installations (sprinklers located above ceiling panels), clips must not impede the panel's ability to release and fall from the grid in the event of a fire.

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